Church of The Firstborn
(Hebrews 12:23)
- Not Bound By Walls...  But Rather,
- Spirits of Just Men Made Perfect
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Call:  1 (800) 295-0364

Call:  1 (800) 295-0364 for further Instructions!     Or

email me
How many people really want to live like this???
To Some, It's Better than not having a home at all!
Some have Shelter, but then don't have enough to eat...    :-(

I have more Photos & Videos to see!!!
But You Already See The Need!

For Now, Here is a Church - Also Standing In Need!
The People Have Been Praying And Trusting For Any Type of Help!!!
Any Amount Is Greatly Appreciated!!!
And - Any Amount Will Help!!!

The Pastor & his family survive on about $53.00 US Dollars a Month!
Most of the members can't afford a simple Bible.
Is It On Your Heart To Help?  To Give?
Any Amount Given Would Go Towards Those In Need
----  And Greatly Help!     

( Matthew 25:40, 45 )
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* Currently, when it rains...  The dirt floor becomes mud, and the people steadily get wet. Yet they still come and endure!  They have a heart to come, learn & worship!
Do you have a heart to help?
Helping the families, Helping the Church.

Any financial donation will Help!!!
Bro. Ron
Above, with those in need!
The Tears - That hurt!
This Is Their Home!     :-(
- No Shelters Available!

* People walk right by, Ignoring the need.
Please, Don't Be One of Them!
What A Joy It Is To Serve HIM!!!
- Making A Positive Difference!
Are You Doing Your Part?
And Can You Be Doing More?
Over Ten Years Helping Those In Need...
Over Two Years Have Passed - Since This Construction phase, Yet it remains the same!  Financially Unable To Move Forward! They Need Your Prayers & Your Assistance! Beyond The Building; they need Bibles, and Assistance for Basic necessities.
This They Do Need!
- They are waiting & Trusting on
Our Heavenly Father's Provisions!
They are thankful that the building has progressed some in the recent years.  But look above - again.  Over 2 Years it has been that way!  They need our help!
Brothers & Sisters, Please Help!!!

Together, We Can Help!

I'm Doing The Best That I Can do!
How About You?
My Heart's intent is to set up some type of Soup Kitchen / Outreach for those in need; where True Ministry can be offered!

My hope is that Others will help!
"I'm willing to move there to serve!"
Please Help!
Above a hungry sick baby sleeps in a puddle of urine...    :-(
Abandoned - Forgotten Children!
Left unto the Streets - Homeless!   :-(
Please Help!!!
A Changed Shirt, and a Bag of food - that will only last a day or two  :-(
No Work Available for Him!
Brothers & Sisters
They Don't have Shelters there like the U.S.
This is his home!
These are People that Most have forgotten about!  :-(
Rolando is Blind & Hungry!  His wife Lolita sits on the ground behind him the same.    :-(
"Please know that There's People who have Our Heavenly Father's Love for you!"
---->  Are You one of them?
* Please be one of them - For Their Sake!
Sharing HIS True Love!
Lorenzo,  with his children!
"who is this man that feeds us?"
He was grateful for the Spiritual Food!
"Please Come Back!" - His Request!
Less Fortunate Children caring for Lesser Fortunate children!  :-(
Thank             You!
A word of Encouragement!
The Focus of This Page:
The Philippines!
Those in Need!
Wife & 4 Children/girls (6)
Morita has no Job &
No Medical Help!
Manuel is Blind, with no hands.
Can you Imagine his reality?
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